Monday, April 9, 2012

Please delete your account

I'm sorry but I really don't get it. Maybe I have been just looking more and more  at business pages on Facebook and seeing it more and more often.  Seeing what? No responses. No responses to the compliments and no responses to the negative comments. They seem to just put up a page, post some images etc and that's it. There is no interaction, zero, zilch, nodda...

Social media is about engaging or did I miss something? How engaged is that type of action when you never respond and what does it say about your business? To me it says you really don't get social media, you are still in the post it,  let it run and see what happens mode. So I have two suggestions.

Make some changes quickly. If you don't understand social media, no problem, get some help though. Hire someone that does because you are doing more harm than good by the method you are using. Ask for help, create a plan, assign someone the dedicated task of monitoring your accounts and give them the authority to respond to the positive and the negative. Yes this surely will be like work and take time but really wasn't your goal to enhance your business, reputation and as an end result- make money?
Seem like too much effort and work, then you really should do step 2.


Delete your accounts!

Make a choice but don't play in the middle of the road, that never tends to end well.

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